2021-2022 Humboldt State University Catalog 
    Sep 27, 2022  
2021-2022 Humboldt State University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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LSEE 318 - Number Sense & Operations in Elementary School Math Practicum

Units: 1

Fieldwork during the junior year of LSEE includes tutoring and small group instruction while attending to children’s socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.  Fieldwork is aligned with specific course goals and objectives of LSEE 317 and the needs of the participating elementary or middle school.
Division: Upper Division
Requisites: Pre-requisite: junior or senior standing. Must be Liberal Studies Elementary Education or Liberal Studies Child Development Elementary Education major.
Permission to enroll: No Special Consent Required
Grading mode: Optional Grade Basis
Weekly: Activity 2 hrs.

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