2023-2024 Cal Poly Humboldt Catalog 
    Apr 15, 2024  
2023-2024 Cal Poly Humboldt Catalog

Lower Division GE Area D: Social Sciences

GE Notes:

GE requirements cannot be waived and other Cal Poly Humboldt courses cannot be substituted for approved GE courses. To fulfill a particular requirement, a course must be completed during the academic year in which the GE status is designated in the catalog. Courses that meet outcomes of more than one GE area A-F, may only be used to satisfy one of those areas.

Program Modifications: Lower Division GE Area D

See the Environmental Resources Engineering, B.S. for information regarding lower division GE Area D requirements.


Area D Social Science courses have students consider that human social, political, and economic institutions and behaviors are inextricably interwoven. Students work to

  • apply the discipline-specific vocabulary, principles, methodologies, value systems and ethics employed in social science inquiry, to a specific instance;
  • explain and critically analyze human social, economic, and political issues from the respective disciplinary perspectives by examining them in contemporary as well as historical settings and in a variety of cultural contexts; and
  • illustrate how human social, political, and economic institutions and behavior are inextricably interwoven.

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