2023-2024 Cal Poly Humboldt Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2023-2024 Cal Poly Humboldt Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Upper Division GE Area B: Math & Science


Program Upper Division GE Area B Modifications

The following majors have Upper Division GE Area B requirements incorporated into the major requirements: Chemistry, Environmental Resources Engineering, Fisheries Biology, Kinesiology, Oceanography, Physics.

Students can also satisfy 3 units of Upper Division GE Area B by completing an approved minor in one of the disciplines in the College of Natural Resources and Sciences. A minor cannot be awarded to a student receiving a related major of the same name.

GE Notes:

GE requirements cannot be waived and other Cal Poly Humboldt courses cannot be substituted for approved GE courses. To fulfill a particular requirement, a course must be completed during the academic year in which the GE status is designated in the catalog. Courses that meet outcomes of more than one GE area A-F, may only be used to satisfy one of those areas.


GE Area B: Math and Science courses develop knowledge of scientific theories, concepts, and data about both living and nonliving systems. Students work to 

  • apply scientific concepts and theories to develop scientific explanations of natural phenomena; 
  • critically evaluate conclusions drawn from a particular set of observations or experiments; and
  • demonstrate their understanding of the science field under study through proper use of the technical/scientific language, and the development, interpretation, and application of concepts
  • develop abilities to reason quantitatively, practice computational skills, and explain and apply mathematical or quantitative reasoning concepts to solve problems.

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