2022-2023 Cal Poly Humboldt Catalog 
    Dec 01, 2022  
2022-2023 Cal Poly Humboldt Catalog
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ENGR 492 - Capstone Design Project

Units: 3

Culminating ERE design experience based on knowledge gained from previous coursework. Application of the engineering design process to develop a system, process or management plan to solve a significant, open-ended ERE problem. To be taken final senior semester (within 16 units of graduation).
Division: Upper Division
Requisites: Pre-requisite: ENGR 313 , ENGR 322 , ENGR 326 , ENGR 330 , ENGR 331 , ENGR 333 , ENGR 351 , PHYX 211 . Open to senior and grad level ERE students only.
Permission to enroll: No Special Consent Required
Grading mode: Optional Grade Basis
Sustainability: Sustainability Related
Zero cost course materials: No Course Materials Required
Weekly: Lecture 2 hrs. Laboratory 3 hrs.

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