2023-2024 Cal Poly Humboldt Catalog 
    May 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Cal Poly Humboldt Catalog

Energy Systems Engineering, B.S. MAP

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Major Academic Plans

Major Academic Plans (or MAPS) show the courses you might take each semester to meet your degree requirements in 4 years. Students at Cal Poly Humboldt follow many different paths to graduation. Your educational and career goals, as well as personal interests all contribute to determining the courses you take. We encourage you to discuss course options with an advisor.

The General Education and All-University Requirements in this MAP are in effect for students entering Cal Poly Humboldt with the catalog year of 2023-24. Refer to your degree audit for details on your major and GE catalog year.

Set yourself up for academic success in challenging classes. Add a 1-unit Supplemental Instruction (SI) session. 

  options to see if there’s a match with a class you are taking.

Year 1 (Freshman Year)

Fall - Semester 1 (15 Units)

Spring - Semester 2 (14 Units) 

Year 3 (Junior Year)

Fall - Semester 5 (16 Units)

Spring - Semester 6 (16 Units)  Units: 3

Year 4 (Senior Year)

Fall - Semester 7 (15 Units)

Spring - Semester 8 (12 Units)

General Education Modifications for Engineering Majors

The Cal Poly Humboldt engineering programs: Energy Systems Engineering, Environmental Resources Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering programs have approval for the following GE requirements to be fulfilled by completion of all major coursework.

Lower Division GE Areas A: Critical Thinking (3 Units), D: Social Science (3 Units), GE Area E: Lifelong Learning (3 Units); and Upper Division GE Area B: Math and Science (3 Units). In addition, the Cal Poly Humboldt engineering programs have approval for courses fulfilling requirements in American Institutions (6 Units) to count as fulfilling Lower Division GE (6 Units). It is recommended that Engineering majors choose NAS 200 to satisfy both GE Area F and the U.S. History American Institutions requirements. 

Students who change out of an an engineering major are encouraged to contact the Office of the Registrar or the Academic & Career Advising Center regarding completion of GE requirements.

The following degree requirements must be fulfilled in addition to those listed below for the major, please see “Bachelor’s Degree Requirements”.

  • Lower Division GE Area A2: English Language Communication 
  • Lower Division GE Area C: Arts and Humanities  (9 Units) 
  • Lower Division GE area D / U.S. and California State Government  (3 Units)
  • Lower Division GE Area F / U.S. History / DCG: Domestic with NAS 200 (3 Units)
  • Upper Division GE Area C: Arts and Humanities (3 Units)
  • Upper Division GE Area D: Social Sciences (3 Units)
  • Diversity and Common Ground (0-3 Units)

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